Parenting Matters

Addressing Infant Feeding Issues

Parenting Matters

Addressing Infant Feeding Issues

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Michele Meehan
Maternal & Child Health

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About The Book

It can be hard in the middle of endless days of battling with meals or feeding, to see any hope of change.  The anxiety and worry about your child’s growth and eating habits often means you’ve got to keep doing the same things, even though they are not working. 

Ending Your Baby’s Food Refusal is not about what your baby should eat, but how to change his approach to food and feeding. This book explores why babies may not be feeding or eating well at each stage of development, based on the Ages and Stages of the Australian Child Health Record, and offers an approach to help your baby or child change behaviour. 

Not just telling you what you should do!

Some sections cover short stages, (the younger ages 0-2 weeks) and others more widespread 2 to 3 years.

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Michele Meehan, a Maternal & Child Health nurse has been employed as the Clinical Nurse Consultant, at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne for over 29 years.

 In working with infants and their parents in the Hospital her work developed from just responding to need for advice from mothers about their babies, but an increasing interest in understanding why some infants have more difficulty in establishing normal routines of feeding, eating, sleeping and comforting than others. 

Michele’s involvement with the Infant Mental Health Group at Royal Children's Hospital was from its inception in 1990, and this now reflects in all her work. 

In 2008 Michele completed her Master in Health Science (Parent and Infant Mental Health) at Melbourne University with her minor thesis entitled, He won’t Eat! Development of a model for treatment of infant feeding refusal.

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