Parenting Matters

Addressing Infant Feeding Issues

Parenting Matters

Addressing Infant Feeding Issues

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Returning to work

I saw a very funny Belgian video the other day about a 4 yr old taking her dad back to work. Did you see it?  As part of my work, I have always had leaflets or booklets available for parents or nurses working with families, that summarise my ideas about managing feeding problems. About two…


My New Book!

It’s amazing to realise I have at last, finished the book and it is in print. As part of my work, I have always had leaflets or booklets available for parents or nurses working with families, that summarise my ideas about managing feeding problems. About two years ago I decided to try and incorporate these…


Your Baby in Hot Weather

How did your baby cope on our freakish hot October days? It may have seemed strange to suddenly need to leave him in just a nappy and singlet! Babies’ temperature-regulating systems aren’t fully developed; they have fewer sweat glands than adults, so they sweat less. As a result, they’re not as efficient as adults in…


Advice Around Fussy Feeding

In this video, Michele provides some advice around fussy feeding.  


Toddler’s Eating and Story Telling

In this video, Michele walks through toddler’s eating and the impact of story telling.


Mums concerns around breastfeeding

In this video, Michele talks about mums and their concerns around breastfeeding.


How much should my toddler eat?

How much should my toddler eat? I am often asked just how much a toddler should be eating. Certainly they vary enormously, and if you have a toddler who eats a lot you probably don’t need to read any further. It is not uncommon for 12-18mth olds to really only have one great meal a…


The Place of Choice

The Place of Choice The struggle for parents of older babies and toddlers is that in an attempt to increase the range of foods they eat and to Avoid the mealtime battles perhaps cutting back would work better, and using their child’s developing skills would interest them to stay longer at the meal. And give…


Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat? I saw Mason last week an 8 month old very reluctant to move on with solids. He looks very well (all that milk!) but mum described how he would only eat if distracted with the iPad or her phone. This is not an uncommon presentation but starting to use distraction often, only…


Toddlers Are a Constant Source of Entertainment

They learn something new every day, and are ever inventive in their tactics to avoid doing what they don’t want. Managing mealtimes can be particularly frustrating especially if you haven’t learnt the cardinal rule:- Accept that you will never win a fight with a toddler !     5 Tips for Managing a Fussy Toddler…


When is Breastfeeding Not So Great?

When is breastfeeding not so great?   Well never really, but reducing breastfeeding at end of first year is important to allow the exploration and ingestion of new foods. Recently I have seen babies who so love their breastfeeds that at almost 12 months they have not started to eat. Because they are not eating,…


Weaning: Not always so easy

Struggles with weaning present in various ways, Mum’s plan to wean from the breast may be well thought out but stymied when the baby’s response is “No Way!” or baby so loves the breast he won’t eat any solids. Or as today, mother’s health meant she must stop breastfeeding so she can better manage her…

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